Artist's Statement

We tune the instrument of our perception by attaching strings from our soul to people, places, and events we encounter.  This is why everyone is unique in their tuning and also how a whole people can share a common chord.  My art is to strike these strings, combining the tones of the viewer with those of the art, each individual's assessment of harmony or discord resulting from the resonance of the chord created.

I wish to avoid manipulating the viewer with my own interpretation. My intent is to provide an unmediated interaction, trusting that the image will amplify and clarify the viewer’s own unique experience eliciting meaning for that person alone. By participating in this interplay, my work helps us to identify where and hopefully why we have attached ourselves to our pasts. We can then reevaluate these attachments, place them where we will, and tune our perception intentionally rather than setting our strings inadvertently in reaction to the random happenstances of our lives.

My work then is about freedom, freedom to have our own experiences as intentional individuals, to tune our perception of our place in the world, to resonate with the chords we choose. -- Franklin Dwyer

dwyer gallery | Seattle

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Franklin Dwyer Abstract Photography

Franklin Dwyer
October's Featured Artist
1518 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Pike Place Market



Franklin Dwyer has been exhibiting abstract images at the Dwyer Gallery since 2010 and at the 2011 One Eighty Foundation Auction.

Influenced By Art Glass

First the glass itself, Spectrum Water, Uroboros Fracture Streamer, Saint Just cylinders, Dalle de Verre facets.

Influenced by Artists

Mark Olson, Ludwig Schaffrath, Narcissis Quagliata, Lino Tagliapietra, Paul Marioni, Sonya Blomdahl, and Dale Chihuly.

Why Me

This is what I look for in the world. I hope that others can experience the joy I take in my creations.

dwyer gallery / Yessiree, LLC
1518 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101